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Use NM2201 as One of the Best Drug for Recreational Purposes

Various chemical compounds are there useful in experimental search. NM2201 is one of those experimental drugs which properties and characteristics are not defined yet. The drug is available in the form of powder with IUPAC name as 1-(5-fluoro-pentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid naphtalen-1-yl ester. The molecular formula of this chemical drug is C24H22FNO2 and it comes in 375-160 amu molecular weight. Structure of this chemical compound is similar to AM-2201 due to which it delivers same characteristics as the following drug. It is considered as potent drug that the professionals only use in research applications. People testify the drug to be considered as it is one of the best compounds while using to experience euphoria as recreational drug.

NM2201 works as agonist of peripheral cannabinoid (CB2) and central cannabinoid (CB1) receptors. The drug can be burnt easily when comes in the contact with fire and it can be smoked too. User will feel effects quickly while using the drug with moderate dose. Recognized in Northeastern University by Mr. Alexandros Makriyannis, this potent drug is available online on various trusted suppliers at affordable prices. When it is taken with moderate dose, it generates very little side effects and does not responsible for panic attacks or nausea at the time of peak.

Do not take higher dose of this drug because it may cause for serious side effects like anxiety and panic attack. The online suppliers offer the drug in such a way that it does not affect any countrys liability. NM2201 comes with more than 98 % purity within safe packaging. With low nanomolar affinity, the drug is boiled at sea level temperature 551.083C. You should take utmost care of this drug so they will remain their properties same for a longer time period. Keep it at a cool and dry place and get accuracy in the research results.

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