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NM2201 one of The Best Cannabinoids Ideal for Research Purpose

Research in forensic lab needs various chemical compounds to get accurate results. NM-2201 is one of those chemical compounds that are used in forensic laboratories for research purpose. It is an indole-based synthetic cannabinoid that contains properties similar to both 5F-PB-22 and NNE1. It is considered as small experimental drug, which is available in the form of powder. This drug is recommended as highly potent drug available with more than 99 % purity. One should not use this drug for recreational use. This drug can also be useful for experience euphoria as one of the best cannabinoids. Formal name of this drug is Naphthalen-1-yl 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylate.

Furthermore, NM2201 is composed on the basis of molecular formula C24H22FNO2 and molecular mass of 375-160 amu. If you want it to use for 1 year from its date of composition then you should keep it in a safe place. Apart from this, it has similar characteristics to AM-2201, so, if you want to learn about its characteristics refer to the particular drug. It has minimal side effects yet strong and fast effects. The drug can be easily burned or smoked when it comes in the contact of fire. Consuming by human with an unspecific dose may cause for anxiety and panic attacks.

According to various people, this drug is considered as most potent drug used in research applications. If it is kept in a safe place, it can be stable for one year from its composition. Basically, it is formulated only for research purpose but sometimes it can also be used for recreational purpose. You can purchase this chemical according to your desired quantity online at affordable prices. It is provided in a foil packaging for their safety purposes. It should be handled with extreme care. One of its physical properties includes its boiling point at 551.083C.

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